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A Tough Day Across the Channel


After an agonising defeat to local rivals Richmond in the Championship, London Scottish were looking to get a win across the channel in Jersey, in the third British & Irish cup game of the season. Scottish notched up a win against the Newport Dragons in the first fixture, but were narrowly defeated by Yorkshire Carnegie on the last outing.


Jersey made it to the final of the B&I cup last season and have two, very convincing wins, from two this year, so were on the hunt for their third successive victory at Home, before they make the trip to South West London next week.

On a wet & chilly day at the Stade Santander International in Jersey, the ball was always going to be slippery… the opening minutes were marked by penalties to both sides. After 5 minutes, Jersey secured the ball and went through the hands deep in the Scottish 22. A clever step from Bryant put him clean through for a well worked try. Cope added the conversion, and Jersey got themselves on the scoreboard.

More penalties; this time Scottish had the opportunity to grab some points. Tom Parton was on kicking duty today, and slotted home three points, to make is Scottish 3-7 Jersey.

In the following 65 minutes, Jersey took control of the game, and dominated territory and possession. There were some outstanding individual defensive performances from Pete Austin, Max Berry, Fraser Lyle & Alec Coombes, but the Reds blew Scottish away in every area of the pitch.

After 23 minutes, a catch & drive from a 5m line out, rumbled over the Scottish try line. Selway was the man holding the ball as they went over. A rare miss for Cope, meant Jersey had a 3-12 lead.

7 minutes later, another set piece, another try. A line out for Jersey, 15m out from the try line, rumbled diagonally towards Scottish’s posts; Selway the man holding the ball again as they crossed the line. Cope had no trouble slotting home the conversion, to extend the Jersey lead, 3-19 after 30 minutes.

The Scottish defence was up quickly every time Jersey had the ball, and put in some massive hits, but the Reds kept hold of the ball and continued to move it about the pitch. On the 40 minute mark, a smart cross-field kick was caught and touched down to extend the Reds’ lead further, but the ref adjudged the catcher to have been in front of the kicker. Half time, the score was London Scottish 3-19 Jersey Reds.

The second half began where the first half left off; Scottish were penalised early on, so Cope put the Reds into the corner, from the ensuing catch & drive the Reds marched their way up to the try line… quick ball from the back of the ruck found its way to Worrall, who stepped the final defender to score. Cope converted, to make it LSFC 3-26 Jersey Reds.

Jersey continued to attack, keeping the ball well and starving London Scottish of any meaningful possession. The Reds had a scrum on the 5m line on the hour mark; a dominant scrum won them the penalty, Joel Dudley spotted a gap in the defensive line, and snatched the ball up and dived for the try line. Cope added two more from in front of the posts to extend the lead, LSFC 3-33 Reds.

Scottish seemed a bit rattled, and put the restart straight into touch, which allowed Jersey to come straight back on the attack. From the scrum, Scottish were penalised; Cope put the ball into touch for a 5m line out, the catch and drive that followed went straight to the try line. Macfarlane held the ball as it went over. Two tries in two minutes. LSFC 3-39 Reds.

Knowing they had a dominant set piece, the Reds went on the hunt for more tries, and exploited every penalty Scottish gave away. A clever cross field kick was intercepted by Luca-Smith, preventing a certain try, but he knocked on in the process. The scrum that followed rumbled towards the try line… Rogerson picked the ball up from the back and darted for the try line to extend the Reds’ score further. Cope converted to make it Scottish 3-45 Reds, on the 77 minute mark.

Scottish finally got their opportunity to attack; the Reds were penalised for illegally stopping a rolling maul. Parton went to the corner for a 5m line out. Scottish tried the pick & go but didn’t make any ground, so sent the ball wide to Holland who sped into the corner to score. Parton converted from the touchline, so the game ended: London Scottish 10-45 Jersey Reds.


London Scottish Christie; Austin; McQuillin; McGeekie; Gillanders; Berry; Marley; Kenny (c); Barton; Parton; Luca-Smith; Lyle; Coombes; Hayhow; Davies // Replacements: George; Smith; Cringle; Baillie; Eliet; Sharp; Holland

Tries Holland

Conversion Parton

Penalty Parton


Jersey Cope; Pincus; Ma’afu; Best; Worrall; Bryant; Dudley; Godfrey (c); Selway; Atalifo; McKern; Kolo’ofa’I; Argyle; Nagle-Taylor; Rogerson // Replacements; Macfarlane; Woolmore; Armstrong; Voss; Joyce; Hardy; Abrahams

Tries Bryant; Selway (x 2); Worall; Dudley; Macfarlane; Rogerson

Conversion Cope (x5)



Referee Jake Makepeace

Attendance 712

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